V-12 Can Produce 1,000 Horsepower: Apollo


Apollo is the newest participant on the hypercar scene. Reborn from previous supercar glory, its Intensa Emozione, or IE, is supposed to be a return to a time when supercars have been really intimidating machines. A variety of that stems from the usage of a 6.3-liter V-12 engine that produces 788 horsepower and revs to greater than 9,000 rpm. However as Alex Goy from Carfection/Jalopnik discovered, Apollo is able to unleash much more energy and fury if the client so needs.

As you may see within the accompanying video, Ryan Berris, basic supervisor of producing for Apollo, says the corporate has executed a feasibility research that exposed the engine will be developed to supply 1,000 horsepower, rev to greater than 11,000 rpm, and enhance to a 16.5:1 compression ratio. A shopper pays a extra dough (possible fairly a bit extra dough) to cowl the engine improvement prices to succeed in these numbers.

Berris notes that Apollo is not chasing stats. “This isn’t meant to be a numbers automotive. This automotive, it is philosophy is to pay homage to the previous GT1 days, to be an analog automotive that was an emotional expertise to drive on each degree, and one thing that was usable, ” Berris says. “There’s solely a lot energy that you may effectively translate by means of the tires, particularly to the rear wheels. So for this, 788 horsepower is greater than sufficient, particularly as a result of the automotive is light-weight.”

It sounds just like the Intensa Emozione shall be traction restricted, particularly for individuals who pay for the four-figure horsepower model. That is not shocking, as that is a colossal quantity of energy to ship to the rear wheels and anticipate them to grip the highway throughout exhausting launches.