Maybe I Excel At It : Dipika Kakar On Getting Sloted In Supernatural Thriller Genre !


Performer Dipika Kakar does wouldn’t fret getting opened in the extraordinary spine chiller sort, saying she possibly exceeds expectations at it.

Dipika has highlighted in Sasural Simar Ka, where the focal character transformed into a makhi (fly) after a shraap (revile). She is additionally found in the powerful spine chiller Qayamat Ki Raat on Star Plus.

Inquired as to whether she doesn’t fear getting opened in this class, Dipika told IANS, “All in all, what? Fine, perhaps I exceed expectations that. Perhaps that is the best I do and watchers, makers and chiefs they as me doing that the best. Along these lines, perhaps that is my solid point. It is alright. No damage.”

Discussing dream spine chiller being marked as backward on the little screen, Dipika stated, “You watch ‘Round Of Thrones’ and does that not arrive in a vibe of imagination spine chiller or heavenly. That is additionally with that vibe. Along these lines, why in India when it is appeared… I think many individuals need to acknowledge the way that yes, our shows can be great as well, take a stab at watching it.

Dipika is trusting that Qayamat Ki Raat to get a decent reaction by watchers.

“Since the nature of Qayamat Ki Raat, it is dream spine chiller, however the quality is trustworthy. You won’t feel that somebody is remaining with white paint on,” she included.