Physical Appearance Is An Illusion; It’s Unrealistic! :Sonakshi Sinha


Performing artist Sonakshi Sinha, who has been frequently body-disgraced via web-based networking media, says there is a great deal more to a man than their looks and that physical appearance is only a figment.

In a discussion with BIG FM, Sonakshi stated: “There is a lot more to a man than their looks. I am somebody who has been on the opposite side and in this way observed the two sides of the coin. I have grown up as an over-weight adolescent. It was not ever an issue for me. It didn’t used to make a difference that how fat I am and how much kilos I have to shed which really individuals were calling attention to me.”

The Dabangg performing artist says her weight and looks was such a little thing in contrast with the abilities she is honored with.

“I used to center around different things which I am great at. That way I never felt pressurized to get thin,” she included.

Sonakshi, 31, says even in the wake of shedding enough weight and turning into a performing artist, she has made a point to extend a solid self-perception.

“What’s more, seemed to be a decent impression for individuals particularly young ladies who get effectively affected at an extremely youthful age. I comprehend this considering, I too wished to resemble these thin models which would show up on these form magazines in my more youthful days. Physical appearance is a dream. It is implausible. That is it,” she said.

On the work front, Sonakshi will next be seen in Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi and is additionally preparing for Kalank.