Ram Gopal Varma To Come Up With His ‘Realistic’ Version Of The Biopic – Sanju


Sanjay Dutt’s biopic Sanju may have been a super-hit on the silver screen yet was tremendously censured for acting like a whitewash of his picture made because of his bad behaviors before. What comes as an awesome news is Ram Gopal Varma’s arranging of entertainment of the film.

Slam Gopal Varma has guaranteed a biopic which will put legit point of view on Dutt’s disputable life. The venture is probably titled as Sanju: The Real Story. Strikingly, Varma’s film will concentrate just on Dutt’s capture regarding the 1993 impacts and for having an AK-56 rifle.

Early toward the beginning of today, the Sarkar chief affirmed the news to Mumbai Mirror. “Indeed, I’m making the film,” he said. Additionally, a source near RGV revealed to Mumbai Mirror, “Varma’s film will concentrate just on his ownership of the AK-56 rifle by the 59-year-old performing artist.”

RGV viewed Hirani’s Sanju and adored it, yet was baffled with the way it managed Dutt’s battle with medications and his brush with the law. “That Dutt was taking medications, was damaged by his mom’s fight with tumor [she passed on only three days before the arrival of his first film Rocky], had different indulgences, a significant number of them one-night stands, is all very much archived,” says the source, including that the crowd and fans might want to know inside data on the debate which damaged Bollywood genius for more than two decades.

Sanjay Dutt and Ram Gopal Varma have prior cooperated in two movies: Daud and Department.