Romantic Thriller – I Witness | A Writers Imagination Turns into Reality

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Tale of a writer trying to break his writer’s block. He finds solace in an old typewriter that turns everything written on it into reality.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Deependra Singh
Music / Sound: Abhishek Chaudhary & Karan Sharma
Editor: Deependra Singh
Cinematographer: Ashok Mishra
Actors: Chandan Anand, Krisaan Barretto
Produced By Bhavna Sheel
In Association with Sync Media Pvt.Ltd
Head of Production Shreekant Sharma
Dop : Ashok Mishra
Creatvie Director : Ravi Srivastava
Stylist : Sakshi Gupta
Costumes : Vishnu Patil
VFX & DI : Vertex Volt
Music : Abhishek Chaudhary,Karan Sharma & Rahul Parmar
Sound Designer : Swapnil Uddhav
Colourist : Nikhil Jadav & Dharmesh Kavi
Story : Anuj Taneja & Bhavna Sheel
Direction Team : Anshul Gupta, Anil Bharmoria
Special Thanks to Hardik Gajjar, Mukesh Singh, Rajat Nair

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