Sri Reddy Should Give Evidence Rather Than Naming Anyone : Vishal Krishna


Tamil-Telugu performer Vishal Krishna, right now riding the peak of accomplishment with his computerized hit “Irumbu Thirai” is humiliated and shocked by on-screen character Sri Reddy’s naming diversion. He says in the event that she can name Telugu whiz Nani, she can name anybody next.

Sri Reddy has blamed Nani for looking for and getting sexual favors from her. The on-screen character has sent her a legitimate notice for maligning.

Vishal, hopping to Nani’s barrier, stated: “I know him well. He is a decent companion of mine. Be that as it may, I am not guarding him for individual reasons. This most recent allegation by her (Sri Reddy) is maybe the most unbelievable yet. Anyone who knows Nani knows how specific he is in his conduct towards people.

“She should approach with proof of her allegations instead of simply naming anybody. It appears as though she’s picking her objectives arbitrarily. For all we know, I may be the following one to be named by her.”

Vishal said the Telugu film industry is in the thrall of an extraordinary humiliation.

“You never know will’s identity named straightaway. I genuinely figure such grave claims must be substantiated with confirm. Our laws about sex wrongdoings are unbalanced. Any lady can influence the claim and the law to will follow up on that assertion and allow the blamed to guard himself just later. This isn’t right.”

Having said this, Vishal feels the presence of the throwing sofa is particularly a reality in media outlets.

“In the Tamil and Telugu film industry, any Tom, Dick or Harry can open an office asserting to be a maker and ‘tryout’ young ladies for parts. The cliché picture of the diva with her pushy Amma permitting the purported makers or his right hand to exploit the young lady, isn’t missing the goal.”

Be that as it may, Vishal thinks this prosaic perspective of the throwing love seat is presently being subverted.

“You can’t simply single out individuals at irregular blaming them for sexual misuse. Obviously, abuse exists, and not simply in media outlets. In any case, that doesn’t mean individuals with immaculate notorieties can be focused on.”