Talking Heads, Dissenting Voices #6 Jacob Hasbun

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Colombian of Palestinian origin, sculptor, not of “abstract” art but “stylised neo-pagan” art, organic and closely connected to the earth. A celebration of life. From figurative sculpture to neo-pagan forms, his art reflects his life, personal evolution, feelings, politics. Because Jacob is also a grower, a fervent believer in natural, organic plant and vegetable production. He is one of the people who “adopt” plant species in danger of extinction – and there are many, as the big producers take over and eliminate varieties which have been with us for generations. A believer, not in politicians or traditional leaders, but in individuals and groups to transform their thoughts and words into acts and bring about change – to bring the future into the present. Jacob Hasbun is a true inspiration.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Alan Ward
Music / Sound: Alan Ward
Editor: Alan Ward
Cinematographer: Alan Ward

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