Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallon Act Out Spy Scene Using Mad Libs and It’s Hilarious


Tom Cruise is accustomed to playing the genuine activity legend, however the 56-year-old on-screen character attempted to keep a straight face while playing out a version of “Distraught Lib Theater” on Monday’s scene of The Tonight Show.

The Mission: Impossible—Fallout star helped Jimmy Fallon compose a content for a sensational government operative scene utilizing Mad Libs—a progression of fill-in-the-clear expressions that are hung together to recount a senseless story. For example, when Fallon requesting that he think of a charming name for a doggie, Cruise answered “my little treat.” And when the host approached him for an interesting word, he answered “pollywog.”

The dynamic team at that point showcased a sensational government agent scene in light of the blend of expressions. The outcome was hilarious to the point that it had both Cruise and the gathering of people giggling.

Watch the video to see the senseless production.