When A Girl Hits Puberty, It Should Be Celebrated; Just Like Holi Or Diwali : Akshay Kumar Padman Interview


Along these lines, Akshay Kumar has returned from Cape Town from his occasions and now, he is good to go to advance his forthcoming discharge, Padman. Much the same as his co-star Sonam Kapoor in the trailer stated, he is a genuine Marketing Ka Gunda! 😉

Today, we met the man himself for a meeting, Akshay looked a stud as dependably in his easygoing clothing. The Khiladi Kumar has kickstarted the New Year and he was good to go to answer the inquiries with his particularity! His up and coming film Padman, now is good to go to hit the performance centers on January 25, 2018. The on-screen character talks from his heart about his film, menstrual cycle forbidden in our nation, Mogul and considerably more!

1. How was your year 2017? Any resolutions for 2018?

Good! There are no resolutions for 2018 till now. I haven’t got any, what would it be a good idea for me to do? I am feeling that I should begin completing three movies rather than four consistently (snickers).

2. Do you think there is a tremendous obligation like the business depends a ton on Akshay Kumar conveying four movies? So do you believe there’s a considerable measure of weight on you?

No, there’s no weight! I have been doing it since most recent 27 years currently, to be more exact 27 and a half years now. In this way, there’s no weight with it. I want to do it and I getting a charge out of doing as such numerous movies. Aur waise bhi kya karunga? The film gets over in only 40-45 days, my four movies take 200 days to complete and I am left with 165 days, what would it be advisable for me to do at that point? In the event that you really ascertain it, there’s such a great amount of time in your grasp and I don’t comprehend what to do! In those free days, I underwrite a notice at that point or any show (snickers).

3. Is there any new thing that you need to learn?

All things considered, I have begun learning sword battling (for Kesari). I will begin shooting for it from tomorrow.

4. In the event that we talk about Padman, the menstrual cycle is as yet a forbidden in our nation. At the point when did you come to think about periods throughout your life?

Like every other person, it was kept escaped me at my home as well. I was additionally not mindful about it. Be that as it may, at that point gradually, I became more acquainted with about it. However, the real thing or the procedure about it or 82% of the ladies don’t think about it or what a lady utilizes when they get periods, they utilize soil or fiery remains or leaves for it. It’s a disgraceful thing. Thus, I came to think about every one of these things later that is around 2 years back before we began making this film. I began thinking about it and after that I believed this is a sort of a motion picture, we ought to get it front of individuals and inform them regarding it that it’s anything but a forbidden, it is as basic as… it is a characteristic thing. And afterward I met Arunachalam Muruganantham and afterward I came to think about his brain science, and the amount he tended to his better half. Also, that is the reason he made this entire machine, jo murmur crores ki machine kehte hai jo cushions banati hai, usne 60,000 me machine bana di. He is a welder, he did that advancement. In this way, I discovered this story exceptionally intriguing and his solitary thing I adored the way that he stated, ‘Lady solid will make nation solid!’ that is the one line I preferred about it. At that point I understood that it is so valid. What is the purpose of purchasing such a large amount of safeguard, when your lady is just not solid? At the point when 82% of ladies don’t utilize sterile cushions, they don’t have cash, they don’t think about it and they have been prohibited out.

At the point when a young lady hits adolescence, it ought to be praised. It is much the same as how we observe Diwali or Holi, a similar we ought to commend adolescence. On the off chance that a young lady hits pubescence, one ought to commend it since it is an extraordinary thing. It influences the young lady to believe that something great has happened as opposed to making her vibe embarrassed by concealing it or thinking of it as an unthinkable. When I came to find out about this, I thought I need to make this film, I need to be a piece of this film, I need to create this film with my better half and we need to bring it. I am so upbeat, not about that it is discharging on January 26 or how much cash it would gather in the cinematic world, however the best thing I like about it that at whatever point I open my online networking account, men are discussing cushions and that is the triumph of this film men have begun discussing it. That is the thing that I needed!

5. There are ladies in the country space who can’t bear the cost of a clean napkin as they are exorbitant and a few duties are being laid on it. What do you need to say in regards to it?

I concur! As indicated by me, all these charges GST and all, I figure it ought to be free. We can burn through 2% less on barrier, it will encourage ladies.

6. Do you think with regards to conveying any message with an amusement esteem like making it into a film, does that make more effect?

Indeed, it creates more effect! Individuals might want to see… when a narrative goes ahead a silver screen, I have seen individuals go out to take munchies what not. In any case, when a film begins, your eyes are totally open. With the goal that implies it has an effect.

7. At the point when did you feel that you should be socially dependable with the subjects of the movies that you are picking?

All things considered, I generally had an inclination however I didn’t have the cash to make it. When I had cash to make it, I began delivering.

8. Salim Khan considers that the geniuses of today haven’t advanced that well like you have. He feels that you will desert every one of them in the coming years. What do you need to say in regards to it?

No, not at all like that. It is only his significance that he has said such a decent thing. However, as per me, there are no such standards and directions in the business about how a movie will get hit. There is no recipe in the business. I can state that I have completed an alternate sort of movies. My one film ought not coordinate the other film, the other film ought not coordinate the third film. Presently, I am doing Padman and after that there’s another film called 2.0, where I am playing a scoundrel. I am the primary lowlife, battling Rajinikanth. So that is a total change! Parcel of individuals asked me for what good reason I need to assume a miscreant’s part, yet for what reason not? Koi reprobate hoga toh koi legend hoga! I enjoyed that part, so I did it.

9. You worked with such a significant number of chiefs and have scarcely rehashed any of them in each movie, and you have worked with first-time executives as well. Things being what they are, how does the procedure gets changed in the wake of working with various executives?

In this industry, I have worked around 21-22 chiefs and 17 new courageous women in my vocation. My procedure is that I shape myself as per the chief’s needs. When I work with an executive, I wind up like water. My entire body will shape as per the way he needs me to.

10. Much the same as you have made movies on various points like Toilet: EK Prem Katha and now Padman. Is there whatever other point that you need to make a film on?

For the present, there’s nothing all things considered. Today early in the day, when I was at a radio station for advancements, a young lady came to me and made an inquiry that after Padman, which different issues you will feature? So I stated, ‘you let me know, since I haven’t thought of it yet.’ And she says in an extremely stern voice, ‘Make something about endowment!’ Thodi der ke liye principle hello there darr gaya (chuckles).

11. We have seen Mr. Arunachalam’s recordings, his TED talks, he is a man of an extremely solid comical inclination. How was your initially meet with him and what amount of his characteristics you have guzzled for Padman?

A great deal of it, the way he is and what he does! Be that as it may, first and foremost, I had a go at conversing with him however he didn’t converse with me. You know why? I asked him that for what valid reason you would not like to converse with me when we turned out to be nearer, he stated, “I detest conversing with men! I don’t care for conversing with men. I like conversing with ladies.’ I stated, ‘Why sir?’ He stated, ‘in light of the fact that sir they are moderate! They set aside an excessive amount of opportunity to comprehend what I say. Ladies, they get quick!’

12. What amount do you think films affect individuals and since it contacts a bigger gathering of people, even the country crowd particularly when you make motion pictures on social issues?

On the off chance that it is bolstered by the administration, it has more effect! Like Toilet: Ek Prem Katha had an effect since it was bolstered. So I trust this likewise they comprehend it and they take it, since it isn’t just the need of hour yet it is the most imperative thing. From most recent 2 years, I have been examining, considering, perusing, comprehension and meeting country ladies. The most serious issue is the point at which they get their periods. Those 5 days resembles heck, not on account of the periods have come, it is on the grounds that individuals around them are encompassed with such an extensive amount forbidden and things like that. Individuals say terrible things to them, when young ladies go to the schools, young men bother them, it is a stunning thing! Do you comprehend what they call, I was stunned to realize what they say to young ladies when they get their periods-Uska test coordinate shuru hogaya, multi day test coordinate! This is the code word.

13. You, the three Khans-Shahrukh, Salman. Aamir and Ajay Devgn have ruled Bollywood as hotshots for just about two decades. In spite of the age getting up to speed, you folks are as yet attractive on-screen. Be that as it may, following six-seven years, what’s straightaway? Since other than Varun Dhawan, in the present circumstances general society isn’t heading off to the venues for the performing artist. Rather, they are being driven by stories and solid substance. Be that as it may, sometime in the past an on-screen character used to draw in the gathering of people to a film. So what’s straightaway?


A. I don’t have the foggiest idea. I am doing my work. In any case, the day I understand that I have backed off and don’t have the stamina, I will move to one side.

14. What’s the most recent refresh on ‘Big shot’, the biopic on Gulshan Kumar?

A. It is as yet being composed. Indeed, I am a piece of it.

15. What is the screen check we can expect for Padman?

There are 5000 screens on the off chance that I go as indicated by Toilet: Ek Prem Katha tally additionally, so it is 2400-2500. So perhaps half!

16. A year ago there was a film on a similar subject (Phullu) which nearly went unnoticed. Do you think our industry is as yet determined by a star framework?

A. There is no recipe that a film will work just in the event that it has a star. A little film may likewise do well. In the meantime, a star-driven film may likewise flounder. A film works totally on the substance and not the performer. Can: Ek Prem Katha was made on a financial plan of 20-21 crores. Padman too has a same spending plan.